10 Awesome Things To Do In Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula

Discover the Magic of the Yucatan Peninsula: 10 Awesome Things to Do

Are you seeking a magical vacation filled with adventure, stunning landscapes, and rich culture? Look no further than the  Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico! This beautiful coastal region is a treasure trove of wildlife, tropical beaches, small villages, and ancient Mayan ruins, making it the perfect destination for anyone looking for an unforgettable trip. 


From relaxing in the hippie coastal town of Tulum to exploring the vast network of cenotes and underground rivers there is no shortage of things to do in the Yucatan Peninsula. So, let’s discover the magic of the Yucatan Peninsula and explore ten awesome things to do during your visit!

  1. Relax in the Hippy Coastal Town of Tulum

Tulum is a beautiful coastal town that attracts honeymooners, yogis, and boutique hotel lovers. It is known for its laid-back vibe, beautiful beaches, and great food. The town is still undergoing significant development, but Tulum Beach retains a truly wild setting. The beach is lined with palm trees and has beautiful turquoise waters.

You can take a bike ride to the Tulum Archaeological Zone, the fascinating Mayan ruin in the Yucatan, and be amazed by its stunning setting above the turquoise Caribbean Sea. You can also enjoy yoga, boutique shopping, and great food in the town.

  1. Explore Mayan Ruins

The Yucatan Peninsula is home to many Mayan ruins, a must-see during your visit. The Tulum Archaeological Zone is the most famous and the most visited archeological site in the Mayan Riviera, with its stunning setting above the turquoise Caribbean Sea. 

The Coba archaeological zone is another great option, located a short drive from Tulum. It is a relatively unknown Mayan ruin that receives fewer tourists than Chichen Itza. The ruins are surrounded by lush jungles, and you can bike around the archeological site

  1. Go on a Cenote Tour

Cenotes are natural swimming holes that are found throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. They are formed by the collapse of limestone bedrock, which reveals the underground rivers and pools. The Gran Cenote is a must-visit during your Yucatan tour. It is one of the most beautiful cenotes in the region, and you can swim and marvel at the beautiful underwater rock formations.

  1. Experience Authentic Mexican Food

Mexican cuisine is known for its bold flavors and unique ingredients, and the Yucatan Peninsula is no exception.

  1. Swim in the Mesmerizing Shades of Laguna Bacalar

Laguna Bacalar, also known as the “Lagoon of Seven Colors,” is a beautiful inland lagoon located in the southern part of the Yucatan Peninsula. The lagoon is known for its mesmerizing shades of turquoise and blue, which change throughout the day depending on the sun’s position. It’s a perfect spot for swimming and relaxing in a tranquil atmosphere. You can rent kayaks and paddleboards and explore the lagoon at your own pace.

  1. Underground River Swim

One of the most unique adventures on the Mayan Riviera, is to swim in one of the largest underground river systems, where spectacular natural formations of stalactites and stalagmites abound, and the ambiance exudes mystery, charm, and beauty as you swim.

  1. Reef Snorkeling

Discover the wonders of the Great Mesoamerican Reef on a snorkeling tour through clear waters in this fascinating aquatic paradise. From Puerto Morelos, Akumal to Tulum, there are many hot spots to practice snorkeling and explore the Caribbean underwater world and its marine life.

  1. Explore the Wilderness of Aktun Chen Natural Park

Aktun Chen Natural Park is located only minutes from Akumal town and is the most extensive dry cave system in the Riviera Maya. You can take a guided tour and explore the five-million-year-old cave system, marveling at the tall stalactites and translucent curtains that glow in the soft blue light. The park also has a zip line and a cenote where you can swim and relax.

  1. Enjoy the Beaches of Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a beautiful beach town located midway between Tulum and Cancun. It is a perfect base for exploring the Yucatan Peninsula, with its beautiful beaches, adventure parks, and islands. You can easily access the public beach almost anywhere in town, and there is a lot to explore beyond beaches too. You can also take a ferry to Cozumel, a beautiful island known for its diving and snorkeling spots.

  1. Catamaran Tour

Without a doubt, this is one of the best ways to enjoy the Mexican Caribbean. Sailing while admiring the turquoise waters, snorkeling in one of the largest reefs in the world and if this is still not enough, enjoy a delicious meal on board the boat.

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