4Worlds Expeditions has created a Social program that aims to preserve the Mayan Culture and benefit the education within the Mayan Communities. This program is called “Por un Mejor Futuro ” (For a better future) and its goal is to provide basic needed materials for children to use in school and help the Community in different projects linked to the preservation, diffusion or studies of the Mayan Culture and its Traditions. Part of the profit generated by the following private social tours are used to finance those projects.

Mayan Communities and Chichen Itza

Enjoy a nine hour private tour in a Mayan Community. You will experience a short visit to Valladolid, a Guided tour in Chichen Itza, and private luxury transportation.e just for you and your family.

Mayan Encounter Expedition

Experience a six hour private social tour with private luxury transportation to the Mayan house. We will provide an official tour guide to ensure first class service.