Transport yourself to the past and learn about the many ways that Mayan people used native plants for cooking, medicinal purposes, and so much more.

This expedition not only helps to revive and rescue these traditional medicinal practices, but also supports a social program that aims to preserve the Melipona bees, their uses and traditions, and most important of all, make people aware of the importance of those bees in our world and their contribution to the survival of our jungles.

On arrival at the Mayan house, guests are taken into the garden where they will be able see first-hand these incredible plants, and hear how they are used. From there we head to the bee-keeping area of the garden for some interesting revelations about bees and their importance in the eco-system.

We finish by showing our guests how to prepare Tzikilpac, a typical (and delicious) Mayan snack with a tasty salsa, in the traditional way.

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