Immerse Yourself In The Culture, History & Shopping In Cancun

Only a few decades ago Cancun was nothing more than a remote fishing village along Mexico’s coastline of the Caribbean Sea. What you may not know is that several archeological sites exist within its borders.

Experience the ancient history followed by a visit to the pulse of Cancun City (Centro) where government buildings, parks and businesses are flavored with the Mayan culture bearing somewhat of a modern day twist.

Market places with diverse merchandise still resemble Mexico’s simplistic way of life. Those with a flair for photography will marvel with the uniqueness of these one of a kind shops that features selling produce, herbs and potions for any ailment, handmade sandals and so much more.

The Hotel Zone provides in and outdoor malls. For high fashion, Luxury Avenue boasts top designer couture creations. Other malls offer everything from traditional sombreros, bright colored blankets, pottery, silver jewelry and anything on your souvenir list.

Expedition Includes


Walking shoes, biodegradable sun protection or sun block, sun glasses, camera, hat and money for souvenirs.


This expedition is not recommended for people with severe back problems, any severe physical or motor handicap or serious heart problems.


Mayan Communities and Chichen Itza

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Natural Reserve of Sian Ka’an

Spend the day exploring mangrove canals, jungles and a Mayan trading post at this beautiful biosphere reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Create Your Own Expedition

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